Our group is seeking new members! Please see the project descriptions below and the information about how to get in touch with us.

Plasma Physics

We are seeking undergraduates, postdocs and graduate students in several areas of plasma physics, including ultracold neutral plasmas, sonoluminescent plasmas, warm dense matter, astrophysical plasmas and/or dusty plasmas. Read below for more details.

Viscosity Minimum of Plasmas (Undergraduate)

Looking for a summer research project? Join us to employ molecular dynamics simulations to search for the least viscous plasma.

Multiscale Modeling of Plasmas (Postdoc)

This project continues previous work in the group developing algorithms and a code base for modeling plasmas using multiscale concepts. Applicant should have a strong background in:

  • Computing, including HPC and modern languages
  • Plasma physics or related area
  • Several computational techniques and algorithm development, including molecular dynamics, hydrodynamics, PIC, and/or PDE-based kinetic models
  • multiscale approaches, such as HMM, RG, or CG methods

From the methods we develop, we will utilize them to explore topics of current interest broadly in plasma physics, including laser-plasma interactions, instabilities, shocks, and related topics.

Large-scale Plasma Molecular Dynamics (graduate student)

Interested in both bleeding edge code development and its application to plasma physics? In this project we will do both!

On the code side we will develop a code, largely from scratch in Julia with the goal of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of this emerging scientific language. Codes will be well documented, user friendly and open sourced.

We will examine a small range of topics in plasma physics, including glass transitions, phase behavior, astrophysical phenomena, and more.

Agent Based Modeling

Nowcasting Influenza Epidemics and Pandemics (postdoc)

Interested in using computational modeling to have an impact on determining strategies for dealing with infectious disease outbreaks? This project combines the sciences of influenza epidemiology, prediction science, and global agent based modeling to seek a model that allows new mitigation strategies.

The successful candidate should have skills and interests in these areas:

  1. Agent based modeling experience, including tools such as Anylogic
  2. Statistics, including prediction
  3. Infectious diseases

Contact us!

If you have interest in one of the open appointments listed above, please send to Dr. Murillo:

  • A statement of your interest: why is this position of interest to you?
  • Prior experience: what do you bring to the group?
  • Your CV.

We will then be in contact based on all of the applications received.