I am a research associate and a research specialist at ICER, MSU. Previously, I was a research scientist at Tech-X in Boulder, CO. I received a PhD in Aerospace engineering from University of Michigan in 2008. My research interests include: magnetic fields in strongly coupled plasmas, abnormal electron transport in Hall effect thrusters, and high-performance computing using multicores and accelerators.


Ongoing Research

  • The relative roles of dissipation and the effective ionic interaction to the functional form of the dense plasma dynamic structure factor.
  • Performance investigation of high order symplectic integrators on MD.
  • Plasma surface incteractions


  • BS, Astronomy, 1993-1997, Seoul National University
  • MS/PhD, Aerospace engineering, 2003-2008, University of Michigan


  •  Y. Choi, G. Dharuman, and M. S. Murillo, “High-frequency response of classical strongly coupled plasmas,” pp. 1–11, Jul. 2019.



Email: choiyj@msu.edu