downloadI am an Italian scientist working in the US interested in simulating complex dynamical systems to uncover the deepest secrets of the Universe. I received my PhD from Boston College in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Gabor Kalman. The Thesis title was The Dynamic Structure Functions of Strongly Coupled Binary Charged Systems. This work lead to the important discovery of new features in plasmas composed by more than one species of the  charge sign. My PhD research was mostly theoretical, but relied heavily on computer simulations thus, I decided to come to MSU to learn more about computational techniques in plasma physics. 

Ongoing Research:

  1. Computational Plasma Physics: I am the lead developer of Sarkas a comprehensive open-source software suite for non-ideal plasmas aimed at satisfying the needs of the entire plasma community, from beginners in computational physics to experimentalists to seasoned theorists. 
  2. Ultracold Plasmas: We are studying temperature relaxation phenomena in binary ionic mixtures. This work is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Scott Bergeson at Brigham Young University



  • Bs, Physics University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, MA,  2011
  • PhD, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA,  2019